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With close to 40 years of experience in mechanical, industrial, and graphic design, Bill helps you transform products, apparatus, machinery and appliances from ideas into hardware... and helps you sell them.

Prior to becoming a freelance designer in 1985, he was vice president of Jodon, Inc, a manufacturer of laser and microwave equipment. Before Jodon, he served as chief engineer for the Jet Wheelblast Div. of Ervin Industries, manufacturing heavy equipment for foundries and structural steel fabricators. Throughout his career, he has been a member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, the American Foundry Society, the International Society for Optical Engineering, and the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association.

In 1997. Bill founded EMD Inc, a corporation that designed and manufactured electro-mechanical equipment for Domino’s Pizza. EMD shipped over a quarter-million sensors, testing devices and power taps to Domino’s.  

Today, Bill works mainly with small start-up companies. Evigia Systems, Inc. in Ann Arbor, MI is a current example. He specializes in packaging electromechanical components into commercial, industrial and military products. He has established relationships with injection molders and sheet metal fabricators in China.

Bill also organizes community events and does fund raising & Eagle Scout mentoring for the Boy Scouts in Manchester, MI. If you are involved in Boy Scouts, the information is free. Click here.

When you’re fighting a deadline, Bill understands urgency and commitment.

The Domino’s HeatWaveTM STORY shows how he responds to his customers.

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