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The Domino’s HeatWaveTM Story

By Bill Kwolek

Domino’s enjoys a strong market position in the pizza business because they deliver fast.

In the spring of 1997, Mike Gordon, Director of Equipment Development for Domino’s, needed one more device for their HeatWaveTM project.

HeatWaveTM would bring pizzas to your door at oven fresh temperature. Mike had most of the system lined up for manufacture – except for a sensor to indicate when the delivery bags were ready to roll.

I’ll let Mike explain…

“We needed a sensor to help keep the pies at the right temperature during delivery. These sensors allowed store employees to know when a pizza hotbag was fully charged. I called Bill to see if he had an idea. Within two weeks, he designed and built a prototype that provided us with just what we needed.

To meet our aggressive deadlines, he formed a corporation and established a supplier network within a month. When HeatWaveTM was ready for prime time, Bill never missed a delivery—shipping the hundreds of thousands of sensors we needed. When we had quality problems with other HeatWaveTM vendors, he stepped in to design a testing device to help us assess the viability of these units. Again, our thousands of stores received the testers on time with only a handful returned under warranty.

Bill’s technical expertise, attention to detail, and passion to serve the customer is a valuable combination to companies that desire to move an idea from concept to market in an efficient and profitable manner.”

"When you’re fighting a deadline, I know exactly what you’re up against…

Consider me part of your team, because I am part of your team."

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