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Stuck on a problem?

Try a simple, proven method to achieve break-through solutions…

For over 30 years, Sidney X. Shore’s creative problem solving methods have helped thousands of people find solutions to challenging problems.

I met Sid at a three-day seminar back in 1979, when he was teaching sessions at University of Wisconsin, Madison.

His ‘Creative Action Catalysts’ and “Solution Path-finder” can help you break loose from frustration when trying to solve professional and personal problems.

If you’ve never heard of Sid, you probably have one of his inventions on your desk – the magnetic paper clip holder.

Relax. Use the Catalysts to jump start your imagination’s ability to free associate – make it fun.

Creative Action Catalysts

C   combine

R   reverse

E   enlarge (magnify)

A   adapt

T   tinier (minify)

I    instead of (substitute)

V   viewpoint change

I    in other ways (rearrange)

T   to other uses


“Before saying NO to an idea, ask ‘WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT IT?’ and ‘FORCE RELATIONSHIPS’ between ideas. Look for common bonds to develop new ideas. Everything in life and in nature is interconnected.”

Solution Path-finder

O  objective finding

F   fact finding

P   problem finding (change O and F as needed)

I    idea finding

S   solution finding

A   acceptance finding

If your team needs help generating new ideas, use a method that works! Sid authored an excellent book titled INVENT, ISBN 1-56052-524-X  Only $12.44 at Amazon.

The simple creativity exercises are fun and will energize you with a problem solving booster shot.

Now if you need help solving a mechanical design problem… click here