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What people say about Bill Kwolek’s mechanical design and counsel…

From Cem Gokay, scientist and entrepreneur …

Bill first teamed up with me in 1985, for designing a line of helium-neon lasers and related accessories. At that time, I was also developing the world’s first commercial metal vapor laser (MVL). Bill also designed the mechanicals of this MVL system using his unique industrial design capabilities. As always, he handled few extras such as redesigning our corporate logo, letterhead, business cards, and arranging for product photography, and brochures.

I am constantly on the go with plenty of international travel but we still have collaborated on at least dozen projects. When I talk, he listens and he is always motivated to produce the results I need. I can rely on his honesty and availability. Throughout our 22 year friendship, Bill consistently proves his capacity to focus on essential issues and successfully bring our projects to completion. 

Cem Gokay, owner
Innova Inc, formerly CJ Laser Inc

Dayton, OH

From a small business owner in Boca Raton, FL …

“I have owned and operated several small businesses serving the photographic and imaging industries for the past thirty years. As predominately a “sales guy,” I leverage Bill to help turn my sales and marketing ideas into conceptual designs that can be “sold” to potential customers and investors.      

Bill brings exceptional organization, communication and design skills and is adept at bridging the gap between marketing and technical conversations.  His ability to simplify and translate complex technical jargon in layman’s terms has contributed to the successful results of many of my sales presentations.”  

Jack Keable, President,
PanX Imaging, Inc

From AcuTemp, formerly Energy Storage Technologies…

“We combined our own high performance insulation technologies with innovative thermal storage developments from research at the University of Dayton Research Institute, commercialized under the direction of Dr. Lloyd Huff, PhD. 

Bill served as a mechanical design consultant to help refine our prototype refrigeration system for storing and transporting blood and medications.  The resulting production unit enabled us to smoothly produce and perform quality control checks on hundreds of units shipped and still produced, to US and other friendly military units for field deployment.

Our company, now called AcuTemp, has become a global provider of temperature management systems.”

Chris Meyer, Director,

Product Dev & Eng, EST/AcuTemp

Dayton, Ohio


From Mike Gordon, Director of Equipment Development, Domino’s Pizza…

When Domino’s was rolling out the HeatWaveTM  marketing campaign in 1997, we needed a sensor to help keep the pies at the right temperature during delivery. These sensors allowed store employees to know when a pizza hotbag was fully charged.

I called Bill to see if he had an idea. Within two weeks, he designed and built a prototype that provided us with just what we needed.

To meet our aggressive deadlines, he formed a corporation and established a supplier network within a month.

When HeatWaveTM  was ready for prime time, Bill never missed a delivery – shipping the hundreds of thousands of sensors we needed.

When we had quality problems with other HeatWaveTM  vendors, he stepped in to design a testing device to help us assess the viability of these units. Again, our thousands of stores received the testers on time with only a handful returned under warranty.

Bill’s technical expertise, attention to detail, and passion to serve the customer is a valuable combination to companies that desire to move an idea from concept to market in an efficient and profitable manner.”

Domino’s Pizza, Ann Arbor, MI


From a management consultant in Dayton, OH…

“I provide business development, operational performance and strategic planning support to organizations of all sizes.  I had the pleasure of working side-by-side with Bill on the development, preparation and submission of technical proposals to the Air Force and several large manufacturers and distributors in optical sensor technology. 

Bill possesses the skill, perhaps art, of being able to clearly and concisely articulate the details behind complex technical designs, including the rationale for the design, the functionality achieved and the benefits that will be recognized.  One way in which he does this (that helps a non-technical person like me) is through the creation of insightful analogies that aid in the understanding of complicated ideas/designs. 

Bill operates with an unwavering commitment to those he’s working with, is responsive to the needs of the team and brings both sensitivity and sense of humor that makes even the most difficult tasks and times seem fun.”

Karen Blackwell, Vice President, R.E. Blackwell & Associates,

From Bud Maciekowicz, Digital Computer Integration Corp Plano, TX…

“I first met Bill Kwolek in 1985 when I was working for a reverse engineering and repair business. We needed a sub-contractor to re-engineer and service point-of-sale lane and handheld scanners. Bill was working for a company with experience in this technology. When his firm declined the business, Bill negotiated a release from his employer and organized a supply line with another company. Bill’s company supported the contract for four years.

In 1990, I founded DCI to build computer systems for commercial and military customers. I talked to Bill about helping DCI design a custom enclosure for our first computer system. He sketched out the system from the customer requirements on a legal pad. We drove to a sheet metal fabricator and discussed our requirements. Four weeks later we assembled the unit and delivered it to the customer. Turning it fast earned us an order for an additional 20!

For the next 10 years, we continued to design specialized computer hardware for the military and telecoms. Bill helped us organize an engineering department, setup a documentation system, and introduce 3-D CAD.

As a guy who worked as a technician in the early 70s, servicing equipment from Southeast Asia to the North Pole in some of the most hostile environments known to man, I know the value of quality, attention to detail, serviceability, and rugged design.

As a business owner, DCI specializes in leading edge COTS equipment that is rugged and reliable, yet economical and easy to manufacture. We rely on Bill’s years of knowledge and his ability to listen and understand my customer’s needs and ideas—and to design the type of packaging that exceeds our customer’s expectations.”

Bud Maciekowicz, Pres. & CEO

Digital Computer Integration Corp, Plano, TX


From a mathematician in FL…

“Bill Kwolek, is one of the brightest, most down-to-earth mechanical engineers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He studied a very complex problem on which we were working and quickly visualized a practical solution. What I enjoy most is his ability to communicate his vision back to me, allowing me to fully understand and comprehend his interpretative thinking. 

Most of my work is in applied mathematics. Bill is able to rapidly absorb the nuances of theoretical problems (in the most notable case, an optics processing algorithm) and translate them into workable hardware – the first time!”

Bob Wachtel, Argus Associates, Tampa, FL


From Southern DataComm…

Southern DataComm, Inc., founded in 1985, is a software and services provider specializing in high-speed integrated transaction processing solutions. We also manufacture and resell/OEM various hardware devices to support our specialized communications needs.

We were using standard black plastic and sheet metal boxes. When we decided to upgrade the hardware, I contacted Bill to analyze what we had and develop some new concepts. Within a couple of weeks, he sent us a package of four solutions, listing the pros & cons from the manufacturing and human interface perspectives. When we settled on a design, he arranged for the prototype fabrication and produced the labeling. Here’s an email I sent him…”.

“Hey Bill, WOW!....Great work. I really like #2 and the ProtoBase Total theme is over the top as far as I'm concerned.” — Larry

Lawrence LaMont,

Southern DataComm

Largo, FL


From Mike Gall, president, Advanced Lasers & Instruments

"My company sells laser equipment to the construction and industrial markets. I was working with a  customer who's job required a custom solution. I called Bill, described the project over the phone and asked him to join me at the sales meeting. He outlined a concept that won their approval. Bill designed the fabricated parts, specified components, and assembled the system—we installed it on time and within budget.”

“Your professionalism and knowledge are outstanding. We will  recommend you to everyone."

Mike Gall,

Advanced Lasers & Instruments

Indianapolis, IN